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Keep Your Windows Spotless Year-Round!

Cleaning windows on your own can be time-consuming and take a lot of energy, not to mention the regular maintenance it requires. At Triangle Home Detailing, we’ll clean them for you! With professional window cleaning in the Triangle, you’re sure to enjoy beautiful windows without having to sweat all the work. 

Residential Window Cleaning in the NC Triangle

Window Cleaning In North Carolina

Maybe you’re tired of cleaning your windows time after time. Maybe you’re tired of the streaks on glass your cleaning solution leaves behind. Whatever your reason may be for seeking our services, we’re more than happy to help! Triangle Home Detailing is a highly efficient team of technicians, committed to providing you with the best professional window cleaning service in the North Carolina Triangle. We are proud to serve our community by offering honest and expert service for 100% customer satisfaction! 

Window Maintenance Plus

Most Popular

4 services a year. Include cleaning windows, screens, and sills. Can be Interior and Exterior or Exterior Only.

Starting at $39/month!

*Initial Fee Applies

Window Maintenance Premiere

Most Popular

6 services a year. Include cleaning windows, screens, and sills. Can be Interior and Exterior or Exterior Only.

Starting at $59/month!

*Initial Fee Applies

Window Maintenance

Most Popular

2 services a year. Include cleaning windows, screens, and sills. Can be Interior and Exterior or Exterior Only.

Starting at $19/month!

*Initial Fee Applies

We’ll Remove Grease and Grime With The Best Window Cleaning Service!

When you partner with us for professional window cleaning, our technicians will decide what's the best cleaning method for your home! We will choose between a wash by hand or a wash by Water Fed Pole—whichever best suits your needs! No matter what method our technicians decide will be best for your home, we will thoroughly clean the glass to remove the buildup of grease, grime, and airborne contaminants. We will also wipe around edges and sills to provide an even greater barrier against dirt and grime. While we provide an interior and exterior window cleaning service that is rigorous and thorough, heavy buildup of dirt or mildew may require power washing (at an additional cost). Our local window cleaning service includes:

Hand Wash Method: (Interior and Some Exterior Windows)

  • A thorough scrubbing of each window with a hand scrubber to release the buildup of grease, grime, and airborne contaminants. 
  • The use of professional-grade equipment to squeegee the glass clean, removing 99.9% of the water and dirt from the pores of the glass. 
  • A full wipe-down of edges and sills until they are clean and dry.

Water Fed Pole Method: (Exterior Windows)

  • A thorough scrubbing of each window with a soft bristle brush attached to a carbon fiber pole in order to release the buildup of grease, grime, and airborne contaminants.
  • A deionized water rinse, removing 99.9% of dirt and grime from the glass and ensuring dry streak- and spot-free glass.
  • A concluding scrub-down of edges and sills.


Window Cleaning Maintenance Plans and One-Time Service:

Whether you're looking for a one-time service or a recurring window cleaning service, we have you covered! We offer cleaning maintenance plans, ensuring you are able to maintain a cleaning schedule that is affordable and effective. For residential and commercial office clients interested in local window cleaning maintenance, we typically suggest cleaning the interior of the windows every six months and cleaning the exterior of the window every 3 months. For storefront businesses, we suggest weekly or bi-weekly cleanings of the interior and exterior windows. Be sure to check out our annual care membership program to keep your windows in prestine condition year-round. 

Along with this, if you're looking for a one-time cleaning service, contact us today and we'll get your windows looking brand new!

Window Screen Cleaning Service:

Do you have window screens on your home that are built up with dirt and grime? Well, here at Triangle Home Detailing we use a special Screen Cleaning Machine which will individually clean your window screen and screen frame clean! This is an add-on service that will ensure your screens are clean from dirt and allergens without any damage to the screens or screen frames themselves! Over time your window screen will build up with dirt and allergens (especially during pollen season) and if you plan on opening your windows, you're introducing dirt and allergens to your home.

By teaming up with Triangle Home Detailing, we can use our Screen Cleaning Machine to completely wash your screen and screen frame to ensure that it's in tip-top shape and clean from dirt and allergens! Contact Triangle Home Detailing for this add-on service today!

No Wait—Get a Response in 24 Hours or Less! 

At Triangle Home Detailing, we understand how important it is for you to receive a prompt response to your service request. When you submit a service request or ask a question, we promise to get back to you in 24 hours or less. We’ll never keep you waiting more than a business day to get the answers and service you need!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - We’ll Make it Right!

Your satisfaction is important to us. So, we work to maintain it. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can expect to get the best home detailing service possible. For every one of our services, we ask you to do a final walk-through and to point out anything that may not meet your expectations, ensuring you are completely happy with the work we do! Read our online reviews as we are proud to have a 4.9 average star rating. 


Areas We Service in the Triangle

At Triangle Home Detailing, we believe your home should be your pride and treasure, so we work hard to help you keep your home beautiful! Our commitment is to you, and your satisfaction with our work is an essential part of our mission. In order to provide as much help as we can, we offer service to a variety of areas across Central North Carolina. 

We service the following locations in the North Carolina Triangle:

Looking For A Recurring Maintenance Plan?