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We’re Committed to Providing The Best Home Detailing Service in the Triangle

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we work hard to maintain it. Whether you’re in need of an annual dryer vent cleaning or any home detailing service, we’re more than happy to help! When you sign up for our annual care membership, we’ll make sure your home stays protected year-round.


Our Home Detailing Services in North Carolina

While every home is in need of regular maintenance, you may not have the time or energy to maintain yours on your own. Fortunately, at Triangle Home Detailing, we provide our expertise and valuable services to meet all your home detailing needs. 

Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters are built to keep water away from the foundation of your home, but over time they can get clogged with leaves and debris. At Triangle Home Detailing, we offer professional gutter cleaning to ensure your gutters function properly long-term.Learn more
Window Cleaning Service Icon

Window Cleaning

With our thorough window cleaning service, expect our expert technicians to leave your windows spotless from all angles. If you’re in need of a window cleaning, we are happy to help!Learn more
Pressure Washing Service Icon

Pressure Washing

Is your home in need of a pressure wash? How about your deck, driveway, or patio? With low pressure and high pressure washing options, Triangle Home Detailing has you covered.Learn more
Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Icon

Dryer Vent Cleaning

An annual dryer vent cleaning prevents the over-accumulation of lint, dust, and other debris in your dryer vent. To ward off a house fire and to keep your dryer working properly year-round, contact us to schedule your next dryer vent cleaning.Learn more
Annual Care Membership Service Icon

Annual Membership Program

Our annual care membership is designed to help you meet all of your home maintenance necessities. With recurring service and home detailing services that are custom tailored to your needs, your home is sure to stay protected all year long!Learn more
Gutter Guard Installation Service Icon

Gutter Guard Installation

Triangle Home Detailing Gutter Guards are made from high-quality heavy gauge aluminum and will never rust or warp. They come in matte silver, brown, white, and black colors and are designed to fit securely into your gutter.Learn more